M1D2 water softener

M1D2 water softener
  • Water and salt saving technology
  • Back lit control panel for easy viewing
  • Push button makes set up quick and easy
  • Compact design
  • High quality materials and components
  • Auto adjusting proportional salting as standard
  • Fast regeneration
  • Suitable for all types of plumbing systems

  • M1D2 water softener brochure
  • M1D2 water softener manual

The M1D2 water softener balances performace and design style with a compact package. It is designed and built exclusively for the UK market by one of Europe's oldest and largest manufacturers with over 75 years of history. This product has a proven record in quality, reliability and performance.

From the long life cabinet, with integrated handles for ease of installation, to the electronics controls, each softener is built to our high quality standards.

The M1D2 water softener features Auto Adjusting Proportional Salting as standard and Meter Control. This combunation ensures that the water softener is regenerated in accordance with your household's water use, always ensuring you have enough great quality softened water available to meet your family needs.

Overall Height
Inlet/Outlet Height
Depth Including Connections
Overflow Height
Width Including Connections
Media Volume
Max. Feed Water Hardness
Max. Ferrous Iron
Min. pH
Salt Usage Per Regeneration
Water Usage Per Regeneration
Capacity (max @ 300mg/l hardness)
Nominal Pressure Range
Working Pressure (max. daytime)
Min. Pressure
Water Temp. Range
Ambient Temp. Range
Flow Rage @ 1 Bar
Peak Flow Rate
In/Out Connection Size
Waste Connection Size
Overflow Connection Size
Power Requirement
Salt Type
Salt Storage Capacity
Shipping Weight
In/Out Pipes Supplied
Waste Pipe Supplied
B/F Pipe Supplied
M1D2 water softener
575 mm
450 mm
425 mm
465 mm
275 mm
350 mm
275 mm
12 litre
520 mg/l
1 mg/l
1.5 kg max
1800 litres
1.5 - 8.3 Bar
1.5 - 5 Bar
2-48 Celcius
2 -48 Celcius
2.2 m3/Hr
3.2 m2/Hr
16 mm Hose
16 mm Barb
230 v 50 Ma
17 kg
20 kg