8 Ways Hard Water Can Harm Your Health and Cost You Money

You may think that hard water is merely an annoyance, but the consequences could be more serious than you think. From appliances that do not last as long as they should to issues with your health, hard water can create all kinds of problems. Here are eight ways hard water can harm your health and cost you money.

1. If the water coming out of your tap is hard and ill-tasting, you will probably drink less of it. That could cause a corresponding increase in the consumption of sugary beverages, which are bad for your health.

2. Hard water causes skin dryness and can aggravate eczema and dry skin conditions.

3. Drinking less tap water also means spending more money on costly bottled water. Tap water is almost free, while bottled water can cost far more than gasoline.

4. Hard water takes a toll on your appliances, leaving them clogged with limescale and mineral salts residue. That means you will be spending more on replacements, and fixing those appliances more often than you should.

5. You will probably notice the hard water when you take a shower. Hard water residue will clog your showerhead, sometimes even reducing water pressure and making it harder for the shower, taps and shower head to stay clean.

6. When you have hard water, your water heater will have to work much harder to overcome the mineral deposits that cover it’s heating elements. That means higher electricity bills month after month and year after year.

7. Speaking of water heaters, you may find yourself buying a new one every few years. Hard water deposits really take a toll on those water heaters, costing you extra money and causing lots of hassles.

8. Stains and residue from hard water make the already unpleasant task of cleaning your bathroom and kitchen even worse. It can take hours to scrub away those stains and clear away the discoloration.

If you have hard water, you already know what a hassle it can be, but did you know that hard water could also be bad for your health and your wallet? Now that you know the truth, it is time to do something about your hard water problem, so you can avoid these problems in the future. Installing a water softener is the easiest and most economical solution to hard water problems.