Water Softeners

10 (great) reasons to buy Great Water softeners:

1. Suitable for households of up to 7 people

2. 9 min regeneration time 

3. Can use tablet or block salt for customers convenience.

4. Side connections for ease of plumbing (easier installation)

5. Mega flow super water flex stainless steel hoses supplied (impossible to kink)     

6. Lam flow distribution (just 1 bag of salt per person per year)

7. 1" connections (only residential softener on the market with this)

8. Genuine flow rates @ 58 lpm (the only residential softener’s to offer such high flow rates)

9. Genuine plug & play technology (no setting up required whatsoever)

10.  10 Year Warranty (no other softener offers more)

"Love these softeners getting great feedback from my customers especially on salt consumption!" 

Paresh Vekaria, Director at PNPM Mechnical Services LTD

  • Pro 1400

    Pro Series 1400

    Made To Be Better: Megabore Full 1” valve an all models = Great flow rates Patented LamFlow® system = Softer water and less salt Mega-Flow SUPER water-flex™ Stainless steel pipes supplied as standard. FlexBrain® Auto adjusting controller meters, regenerates and adjusts salt dosage Uberfine...

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  • Pro Series 2300

    Pro Series 2300

    The Pro Series water softeners have been developed using all of the 53 years of engineering excellence at our disposal and are wholly manufactured in our dedicated factory using the latest robotics and quality control standards. Our patented vessel design ensures great water quality throughout the...

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