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  • Reduce water usage

    Simple Ways to Cut Your Household Water Usage

    Water Usage Advice from our Water Treatment Experts at Great Water. If you are smart about your water usage, you can save on your water bills and still get things done. The following tips can help you reduce the amount of...

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  • Protecting Your Skin Against Hard Water 

    Protecting Your Skin Against Hard Water 

    Cleansing your skin regularly to remove dirt and excess skin oil helps it stay soft and healthy. If the water you are using is hard and contains large amounts of minerals, your skin may not look or feel beautiful.  Water Hardness and Soap  ...

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  • 8 Ways Hard Water Can Harm Your Health and Cost You Money

    You may think that hard water is merely an annoyance, but the consequences could be more serious than you think. From appliances that do not last as long as they should to issues with your health, hard water can create all kinds of problems. Here...

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  • Homeowners Save Money with Water Softeners

    Water softeners do more than just improve the quality of the water coming into a home. The effects of using one of these systems can be seen throughout the home for years. Perhaps most importantly, the benefits can be seen in homeowner's wallets. The...

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  • What makes Boost-a-Main system unique

    What makes Boost-a-Main system unique

    What makes Boost-a-Main unique? Lifetime Warranty on Pump Motor on all Boost-a-Main systems The unique Mag Drive shaft-less pump technology (Patented in the UK) is used to increase the amount and pressure of the stored water using Kinetic energy. The pressurised stored water is...

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