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  • Water softeners

    Five Reasons Your Home Needs a Water Softener

    When was the last time you experienced clean, soft water in your home? If you have hard water, you need one. A water softeners a device that removes calcium and magnesium in water, so it is easier to use. Water softeners replace the calcium or...

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  • Hard Water Problems and Soft Water Benefits

    Hard Water Problems and Benefits of Soft Water

    Hard Water Problems Although everything we take into our bodies can have a profound effect on our health, people watch what food and what medicines they consume far more than the water they drink or use at home. This isn't to say people drink...

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  • Boostamain commercial installation project in Kent

    Great Water Boost-a-Main Commercial Installation Project

    Great Water Boost-a-Main Commercial Installation Project. Great Water was asked to design the following project: 1. Asked by the Head of the Boarding School maintenance. 2. Commercial project 3. Location: Kent  4. Number of bedrooms, 81 rooms 5. Number of showers: 14 showers  5. Features/brief description of the estate:...

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  • Boostamain drive pump

    How Boostamain works

    Boost-a-Main Boosta-a-Main - is a direct connected mains water pressure boosting system, which is designed as a perfect solution to multiple bathroom applications. At the heart of the Boost-a-Main system is our Shaft-less Mag Drive pump, employing graphite rotary vane technology to ensure consistent...

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  • Boostamain Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system

    Great Water Boost-a-Main Project in South Godstone

    Another Successful Great Water Boost-a-Main residential project in South Godstone, East Surrey. This residential project was ordered by Cooney & Co for the property in South Godstone. Property description: 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom property plus 1 bedroom/bathroom annex. The property is using a combi boiler and...

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