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  • What is hard water and how a water softener can help

    Hard Water—What Is It and How Can It Affect Your Home?

    All water contains some minerals, and some, like calcium and magnesium, are good for us. However, too many of these mineral ions in tap water can cause problems in your home. In most places, tap water in your home is considered hard because of its...

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  • Incredible benefits of installing a water softener in your home

    The Incredible Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your Home

    Do you have hard water in your home? If so, you may be experiencing some negative side effects, such as dry skin, hair prone to tangling and breaking, and appliances covered in limescale. Installing a water softener can eliminate these problems and provide a range...

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  • Water softeners

    Five Reasons Your Home Needs a Water Softener

    When was the last time you experienced clean, soft water in your home? If you have hard water, you need one. A water softeners a device that removes calcium and magnesium in water, so it is easier to use. Water softeners replace the calcium or...

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  • Hard Water Problems and Soft Water Benefits

    Hard Water Problems and Benefits of Soft Water

    Hard Water Problems Although everything we take into our bodies can have a profound effect on our health, people watch what food and what medicines they consume far more than the water they drink or use at home. This isn't to say people drink...

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  • Boostamain commercial installation project in Kent

    Great Water Boost-a-Main Commercial Installation Project

    Great Water Boost-a-Main Commercial Installation Project. Great Water was asked to design the following project: 1. Asked by the Head of the Boarding School maintenance. 2. Commercial project 3. Location: Kent  4. Number of bedrooms, 81 rooms 5. Number of showers: 14 showers  5. Features/brief description of the estate:...

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