Great Water Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system installed in a 5 bathroom property in Kent

Boost-a-Main water pressure system

The project was ordered by Wells Spa plumbing and heating in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, for the Boost-a-Main system to be installed in the large, detached property over three floors from the basement plant room, serving up to six people.

Project design criteria and specifications: to achieve showers to run simultaneously: 70 litres per minute from an existing 10 litres per minute mains supply to run four showers.  Plus normal household usage of toilets, basins, kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher over the peak period.

Great Water Boost-a-Main design:

Based on the pressure and flow rate tested at site, we worked out the potential peak flow rate required after discussion with installers and homeowners, allowing for different size/flow rates of shower heads. After allowing for the incoming mains flow, we can determine the size of system required and advise on pipe sizing to achieve the correct peak flow.

Boost-a-Main and Provess models installed: Two Provess 440 vertical accumulators installed, giving around 450 litres of cold water.

Flow rates achieved: From the two accumulators joined via a header the system achieves over 150 lpm flow rate. 

Each accumulator can achieve 80 lpm approx via the 28mm pipe. When multiple vessels are joined via a larger pipe size, the greater flow rate can be achieved. By using a 35mm pipe to join the vessels, we were able to achieve over 150 litres per minute flow rate.  From the header smaller pipes are taken to feed the unvented cylinder and the cold supplies. 

The 450 litres is total stored water of accumulators. The system is designed to achieve 70 lpm for the four showers for 7 minutes so allowing that the mains supply is 10 lpm.

We achieve an extra 70 litres on top of the stored water giving us 520 litres of water available for the peak peak period.

About Great Water Boost-a-Main:

  1. Direct connected mains water pressure boosting system designed and manufactured in England to the highest standards.
  2. Low energy consumption.
  3. Boost-a-Main delivers flow rates of 80 to 300 litres per minute.
  4. Perfect for multiple bathroom application.
  5. Adjustable outlet pressure of up to 4.5 bar.
  6. Unique best in class Provess accumulators: kinetic capture technology is used to pressurise and control accumulated water.
  7. Lifetime warranty on motor provided.
  8. 10 year warranty on Provess accumulators