How Boostamain works

Boostamain drive pump


Boosta-a-Main - is a direct connected mains water pressure boosting system, which is designed as a perfect solution to multiple bathroom applications.

At the heart of the Boost-a-Main system is our Shaft-less Mag Drive pump, employing graphite rotary vane technology to ensure consistent reliable performance.

Mag Drive eliminates troublesome shaft seals and all heat build up. Our pump motor has no moving parts is not subject to wear and will last a lifetime*.

No moving parts means no heat build up and no noisy fans.

Boostamain is based on the unique patented technology. It is manufactured in England to the highest standards.

What is Boost-a-main?

- Provides adjustable outlet pressure of up to 4.5 bar and achieves flow rates from 30 to 300 litres per minute. Which means that the pressure can be maintained in multiple applications simultaneously. 

- Kinetic capture technology is used to pressurise and control accumulated water.

- Whisper quiet system.

- Low energy consumption.

- No pressure relief required.

- Microprocessor controlled.

- Lifetime warranty on pump motor.

- Auto By-Pass to main.

- Built in Run Dry protection with auto reset.

- Overpressure protection.

Boostamain comes in two models to suit all applications with peak flow rates to 130 and 300 lpm.

It supplements mains pressure, meaning that it doesn’t waste energy pumping from tanks.